So ask me what day I want to do something when it doesn’t really matter what day. I select Monday...


”Why would you want to do that on a Monday???!!!”

”ok, well, I tell you what. You spin the wheel and pick a day, because I don’t really care what day it happens on.”

Don’t ask me when I want to do something then mockingly ask me why I picked the arbitrary day to begin with.

There's an unusual phenomenon out there and I am not sure how to feel about it. It's the intersection of Linoleum, tar, Kubrick, Jupiter, and a mysterious artist with a mysterious motivation. I first spotted an authentic Toynbee in Chicago, when I was in Art School. When I spotted two more in Indianapolis I thought it was odd. Then I watched documentary about it. The film left more questions then answers provided...


Google: toynbee tile

I lived in Indianapolis for a long time. Once I learn how to create a photo gallery I will definitely publish some of my fondest images here. Photography is one of my favorite past times.