Again with the trespassing. Central State Hospital in Indianapolis was a classic state built and funded mental hospital. It was originally a Kirkbride plan building called Seven Steeples. This fascinating place currently houses a medical museum, which is unbelievably curious, the Indianapolis mounted police patrol stables, and an urban community farm.


This is only the first of several Central State galleries I have. I"ll get the rest of the photos on the site as I have time. This place was impossible for me to stay away from. It was so cool.




Listen... I like to take certain liberties with rules that are technically meant to keep people out of certain areas. Some things are just too juicy to leave unexplored... by me... specifically. It's only trespassing if it's 1)Posted 2)You're told two different ways you're not welcome 3)I'm not a lawyer, this is not legal advice 4)You refuse to leave 5) you're convicted by a court of trespassing.


This particular day I did not seek out this place. This particular day I found a Nike Missile site in Portage Indiana. 



I lived in Indiana for quite a few years. I spent a lot of time just wandering around. Turning corners you're bound to find hidden treasures from all ages. People drive by these treasures on their way to get groceries and coffee, on their way to go bowling or to a graduation ceremony. This part of our beautiful country is largely misunderstood, but if you spend some time and stop for a photo, you might recognize all of us in these hidden corners of middle America.


To know me is to also know Land Cruisers. To know Land Cruisers is to also know severe rust. To know severe rust on Land Cruisers is to know that none of those bruises or imperfections matter. Love of any kind is to live life to its fullest. Love life. Love Land Cruisers. Love rust.