Computers, these damned things are everywhere. I enjoy them. Although I do regularly say; The best way to ruin a hobby is to make it a career. Computers are no exception. The good part of this is it's very lucrative. I can make a living, provide for my family, and buy Land Cruiser things with relative ease as a result of my nerdness. It all started really with a Tandy 100 TX, my father's overwhelming obsession with all things cutting edge and gadgety, and a suburban lifestyle afforded to me by my intelligent and hard working parents.


Look at me now... or, wait, maybe don't look too closely.


As I get older, my memory is more porous than it used to be, so I'd like to keep track of things here that I would like to revisit later, or share with others. So this collection of nonsense may or may not be of any use. That's not the point. It's here. worthy or not.